FAQ 217
How will the University help me to develop and demonstrate my employability?

As a student at the University of Sheffield you will have access to a wealth of different opportunities to make your university experience unforgettable. Coming to university isn't only about lectures, dissertations, and exams. It's also about developing as a person and gaining experience and skills to help you succeed in life as well as in your studies. The University gives all of its undergraduate students official recognition for both their academic and their extra-curricular achievements via a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). This is a nationally-defined electronic transcript that you will be able to share securely with employers and others of your choice, both before and after graduation, to provide evidence of your university learning as a whole. The Careers Service will also be there to support you from day one, up until three years after graduation.

For more information, visit sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/hear and sheffield.ac.uk/careers.