FAQ 92
What is the difference between a Conditional and an Unconditional postgraduate offer?

A Conditional offer means there are conditions that you need to meet before you can start the course, for example achieving a certain English language score, or a minimum grade in your current studies. These conditions will be stated in your offer letter.

When you've met the conditions, you should upload to your online application documents that prove this. When you've met all the conditions of your offer, we'll provide you with a new, Unconditional offer letter.

The standard deadlines for meeting the conditions of an offer are provided on our key dates and deadlines page: sheffield.ac.uk/postgraduate/deadlines. A few courses use different deadlines. If this is the case for your course, it will be indicated in your offer letter.

An Unconditional offer means that there are no further academic requirements that you need to meet.