FAQ 63
Can I transfer onto an undergraduate course from another university?

This depends on your individual circumstances and the department you want to transfer into. We sometimes accept students transferring into the second year of an undergraduate degree, but we aren't able to accept transfers into the third year.

To transfer into the second year, students normally need to have:

- Met the University of Sheffield's course's standard A Level requirements (or equivalent)

- Studied at their current institution material comparable with the first-year content at Sheffield, so that they're sufficiently prepared for the second year

- Achieved at their current institution marks which suggest they're likely to successfully complete the Sheffield degree course

If you meet these requirements and want to transfer onto an undergraduate course with us, you should start by contacting the relevant academic department: sheffield.ac.uk/departments/academic

Please include in an email to them the full details of your A Levels (or equivalent qualifications), the modules you have studied at your current institution and the marks you have achieved in these.