FAQ 116
What health services does the University provide?

The University of Sheffield is one of only two universities in the UK to have its own Health Service.

University Health Service is a National Health Service (NHS) General Practice, focused on student health. Based on campus, it is a modern, friendly, forward thinking practice, offering a wide range of clinical services; as well as the usual GP and nurse appointments, we also offer a nurse practitioner triage service, minor ailment clinics, an Eating Disorder service, NHS screening services (for example, looking for latent TB, breast and cervical cancer, etc.), as well as routine immunisations.

In addition to these services, we can also provide some non-NHS services, for example, we hold dedicated Travel Clinics, where you can get both NHS and non-NHS vaccinations.

All students at the University of Sheffield (living in Sheffield) and their dependents (husband/wife/children - if they live within the practice boundary) can register with the University Health Service. It is important for all students to register with a Doctor close to where they live.